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Rechargeable mosquito racket battery Mosquito/Insect/Bat Killer Racket


Once the prey, now the hunter. an electronic fly swatter guaranteed to take the acrobatics out of eliminating all types of flying insects. Whenever you encounter a bug that just needs to move along, simply swing the electric Mosquito bat in its path, press the activator and zip-pop. Bye-bye, bug. Keep this racket handy wherever you are. Once you discover the ease and convenience of this powerful handheld electric bat, you will want a fly swatter in the kitchen, the garage, your car and everywhere else you go. It’s super easy to make sure your bug zapper fly swatter is always ready for the next aggravating pest. It is easy to use and comes with a rechargeable function and a netted net that easily traps the insects. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Environment is friendly. Convenient to Handle. Easy to use and recharge. No side effects or allergies, unlike conventional repellents. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use

  • Forget about toxic bug sprays, which are entirely unsuitable during a barbecue or when eating outside, the mosquito zapper does not have any safety risk to you or the environment
  • Hard plastic, with hanging rope to hold and for charging. Extremely safe, it has a protection activating button, to prevent accidental playing with the device. This fly zapper operates on inbuilt rechargeable li-on rechargeable battery
  • Mosquito killer trap electirc insect killer bat flies insect killer,the home cube electric fly swatter, highly reliable and professional will zap bugs or flies in one swat. No need to swing multiple times to hunt or zap even a small bugs, like the 3 layer rackets
  • Simply to use, this bug zapper racket works after manual activation and it is enough just to swing it once in the presence of bugs, and theis killer bat will do its work effectively with rechargable battery and led light which can be on using switch
  • 100% environment friendly and no side effects or allergies unlike conventional mosquito repellents.
  • Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Flies Killer Trap Bat
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